“Being Social Pays Big”

The World’s Most Lucrative Affiliate Network has just got real.  I am referring to WEBTALK.   Yes Webtalk.

So here is my take on this new social media platform.

Like Facebook or instagram you will have the opportunity to meet new people and socialize with them but the big difference and believe me this is going to be a biggy..

WEBTALK is going to share the revenue they take in with their members..  Like me..  I am just so excited and I want all my friends, family and  acquaintance to know just what  Webtalk is about.

 This is a screen shot of my Webtalk site.  As you can see it is very similar to other platforms but here you can post your links, and still be social with your contacts and no limit to any of this.. But please use common sense when posting.. Lets don’t bombard them with just ads for your business. you want to be friendly and welcomed into the community of new great #entrepreneur like yourself.

Webtalk has an affiliate program and you will be paid on the first 5 levels.  Now isn’t that fabulous.

You can earn up to 10% for life.  yes LIFE,  when you invite your friends and they create a business page like you.. Webtalk is rewarding you for your referrals and efforts to bring people like yourself to the community of social media.

10% Revenue Share for LIFE on all revenues generated through a 5-Tier referral network(people you invite, who they invite, who they invite through 5-Degrees of separation.

1) 10% (your referrals)
2) 10%
3) 10%
4) 10%
5) 10%

That’s up to 50% of Webtalk’s revenue for LIFE!   LIFE my friends. LIFE

There is only one way you can get into Webtalk and that is through and invitation from me.. If you would like an invitation let me know I will be more than happy to share the joy and benefits of Webtalk.  After all this is about being social and for those that know me I am all about helping others grow there business.. (aka LynnSparks)    I am all about helping people for #freehelp.

So the sooner you start the sooner you will make new connects (connects are another word for friends).  New faces that will see your business and want to connect with you because you are posting value to them and they will share you just like we do now in FB.. unlike FB, Webtalk has no limits to contacts, posts and they welcome you to post, make friends, and enjoy the fact you can make money doing it.. So get ready for the new wave of thinking and mingling with the best of the best..

When you join make sure you read the CEO’s post.  His name is RJ Garbowicz  

He will be posting all the news you will need about Webtalk along with some of his assistants like.

Watch the social media Pays big video.


Lets build a great relationship today.  Message me here or send me an email:  ebabb13@gmail.com or reach out on WEBTALK, Facebook, Instagram.


Oh and we are