Dear Santa!


Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I want to share with you and everyone in the USA, Canada and the lates in the UK..

I’m a Monat Marketing Partner.  We are the only anti-aging natural-based hair care products in direct sales! We have absolutely no competition!! We have one of the highest comp plans in the direct sales industry. Since Monat started two years ago, we have sold over $40 million in products and only 0.07%  have been returned that’s less than a 1% return rate! Our products speak for themselves, once you start using the products all your family, and friends will be asking what you are using on your hair. It’s scientifically proven to regrow hair, even in alopecia patients chemo patients, we have the before and after pictures to prove what Monat has done for them. This my friends is life changing for them!  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products even if the bottles are empty!

The joy of success is even sweeter when it comes from helping people feel good about themselves and opening doors to their dreams. Message me today if you believe.

At MONAT, our mission is to help people have beautiful, fulfilling lives. Our Market Partners have the opportunity to make money and we’re very proud of that.

But even more importantly, they have the opportunity to make a difference and be part of something special. There’s a place for you here.



  • Combined technology, science and the power of nature itself to specialize in anti-aging hair care
  • Family owned and run
  • Positively impacting; over 200,000 families financially and with great hair; in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom
  • Award Winning
  • MONAT = Modern Nature


Why Monat?


  • Haircare is a $81B Industry, projected to be $102B in 2024
  • MONAT is the first company focused solely on hair care in the Social Marketing space
  • 700% growth in 2016 – 2017
  • Global Expansion


  • Consumable Product = repeat business
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Developed by our world renowned scientist and scientific advisory board
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • 3 tier car program
  • No inventory
  • Generous Compensation Plan
  • R & D, manufacturing and distribution in Miami, FL



We pride ourselves on the naturally based products we create. Yet our true pride is in the lives we change through our incredible opportunity because changing lives is seriously fun business.


In a few words… MONAT is premium naturally based hair care! MONAT is a revolutionary hair care company with naturally based ingredients and products that actually work. Whether you’re looking for more volume or to turn frizzy, fried strands into smooth, supple locks – MONAT has the solution you’re looking for.


… and many more!
• Parabens
• Cyclic Silicons
• Phthalates
• Plastic Microbeads
• Harmful colors
and fragrances
Leaping Bunny Certified


Our Flagship product

  • Provides nourishment, rejuvenation, and anti-aging benefits to skin, hair and scalp
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Great for all hair types
  • Infused in 35+ products
  • BE A PART OF THE     Healthy Hair Revolution Today!


You can have it all.. join today and you will get in on some of the most amazing Christmas deals ever.

Don’t you want some of this under your tree this year?


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Get in now and you can get any of these products to share with your family and friends this holiday season.. But don’t delay order yours today because its only available while supplies last..

Thank you to all my friends and family that have been shopping with me all year long.  I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us at Monat and just think  We still have Black Friday specials coming..  so join now so you won’t miss out on anymore deals. Even if you don’t want to join and work the business, join to get the 30% discount.  You can not beat that.. Save a lot or a little its up to you.


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Be on the lookout for my Black Friday Post..

You will find it here.  BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS




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Holiday Catalogue… never before seen..

Hurry… don’t be left out..



Something for everyone on that list this year.. Men, women and kids.





Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.

Happy November! a time that is magical..

Elaine’s Monat Hair Care added 7 new photos.
Published by Elaine Lynn

Happy November Everyone.. I am so excited because this is also my birthday month and what better way then to also share with you what is new this month with Monat.. the previous post by our CEO was awesome and one of my mentors and dear friends Roxy has shared with us a break down of what is available to you and me in one post so below 👇 is a recap of her post.

I am look forward to helping you make that big life changing decision to join us with Monat.. If not the business at least think about your hair.. give us a try…


Holiday Hydration for New Market Partners!
Perfect for the Dry Season, when a new Market Partner joins with the Business, Success or Overachiever Product Pack in November, they will receive our fabulous Advanced Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner for FREE!

Give the Gift of OPPORTUNITY and help your New MP earn some Holiday Spending Cash!
In November, new Market Partners can join with an Essentials Product Pack for $199 USD/$249 CAD with 200 PV. This is 35% off retail and Sponsoring MPs will receive a $50 USD/$60 CAD Product Pack Bonus! The perfect time to start a business and earn a little holiday spending money!

Market Partner Payback is back just in time for the holidays!
A new Market Partner who enrolls in November with a Product Pack and sponsors 1 new Market Partner with a Product Pack and 1 new VIP in their first 30 days (45 days in the UK) earns a product credit in the amount of the Product Pack they purchased.

NOW Is A Great Time to Achieve a New Milestone!
We really want all of you to rank up to MMB and AMM so in November and December we are once again going to Pump Up the Volume and reduce the GV from 7,000 to 5,000! Achieve a new level this month…and then be on your way to earning some holiday gift money.


It’s a fantastic time to save when it’s gift-giving season!
A VIP who processes any Flexship after their third Flexship (enrollment order plus 2 additional Flexship orders) can spend $50 USD/$65 CAD instead of the regular $84 USD/$110 CAD threshold. They still receive all the perks such as Free Shipping, their free OFY and more.

VIPs Can Select from Fabulous OFY Products this Month!
A great stocking stuffer for themselves or somebody they really adore! OFY selections for November include Purifying Charcoal Gelée Masque, Nutri-Moist CC Cream, Smoothing Shampoo or Curl Cream (default).

‘Tis the Season of Sampling for ALL VIPS!
Every VIP can pick 2 free samples with their enrollment order and on their qualifying Flexship in November. This this month we’ve added two new sample options to the mix! The very popular REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive and REJUVABEADS™.
Click here to see all sample options
What a great and strong collection of offers, just in time for the beginning of the holiday season. These are all perfect to help you end your year strong! Have a great month!

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Just think about this for a minute.. this month if you become a market partner you will receive  a credit for that very same amount.. yes you get your money back in products.. you choose what you want.. you choose if you want to give it away or resell it to your friends.. in this business its all about sharing and what better time to do that right now at Christmas time.

Join here

The Facts About the New Webtalk Social Media


Someone today asked me to explain Webtalk’s affiliate program in marketing terms, and the best I could come up with is this…

Webtalk’s affiliate program is like a lottery ticket, except you don’t have to buy them, you earn each one through your referrals to Webtalk.

Some people you invite won’t use Webtalk or invite anyone (those tickets don’t win)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk and don’t invite others nor make purchases (those tickets have small awards from ad revenue share)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite people (these have larger awards)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people (these will have even bigger awards)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases (these will have biggest awards)

The way to win a lottery is to increase your chances by getting more tickets, same applies here.

The more personal referrals you acquire to Webtalk the better your chances are for the grand prize.

You don’t know what your referrals will do, but what we do know is the more referrals you get, the better chances you will have of your referrals getting you to the grand prize.

There is a REAL opportunity here to earn 5, 6 or even 7 figures PER MONTH in revenue share for LIFE, like a lottery winning, without it costing you anything!

If you don’t play, you certainly won’t win, and the more tickets you get the better your chances are for life changing success!

As our video says, invite everyone you know before they invite you, and in this case before someone else does!

This is our Beta and while we wrap up the remaining bug fixes, it’s also the Pre-Launch to our FREE SocialCPX affiliate “lottery” program.

You’ll find your referral links and your referral tracking dashboard located within your account menu here in Webtalk!

We are wishing you all success here because there an opportunity for at least 1M grand prize winners who will be able to share in up to 50% of our revenue for LIFE (10% revenue share from your direct referrals through 5-degrees of referral separation)

However, our 10% revenue share program will NEVER go away! That’s a 10% payout higher than all other social media platforms.

So even if you don’t get the grand prize, you can’t lose because Webtalk’s software blows away the competition, and it’s FREE, and it still pays you for your referrals as they generate revenue.

Good luck and happy inviting!

To view my personal page and to give you an idea of what your page will look like too click on the picture



Scary music


Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.




Let’s talk Restructuring the Hair

restructuring lineLet’s talk about the new Restructuring Line.

What is this for? Damaged hair, really damaged hair, extremely damaged hair, chemically damaged hair, over processed hair, over stressed hair.
It Rebuilds, Restrengthens, Restructures,, Resurfaces. Works inside and out.

Never before has there been a product made like this. Monat is the very first.

The Fiber Rescue & Rejuveniqe S are 2 exclusive to Monat ingredients that no other line has or will have.

Do you need this?  yes.  or does everyone need this? NO. Those with damaged hair need this. Healthy hair probably doesn’t need this.
The best time to us these products would be after a color, lightening, or texture service, or any time hair is damaged.

Reverse the signs of damage

The Restructuring Hair Care Collection is designed to take a 360 approach to reverse the appearance of hair damage, correcting the entire hair fiber, inside and out. The products within the Restructuring Hair Care Collection work together as an advanced, high performance program re-building strength from within while reinforcing and protecting the hair’s surface for a softer, smoother, shinier, healthier-looking finish.

How do you use it? 

Step 1. 
Conditioning Pre Wash: This conditioning prep step is important because it protects hair from the stresses of washing. That is a big deal with really damaged hair. Use it on wet hair, work it through strands, to improve elasticity and reduce stress. Apply as you would any other Monat conditioner. Rinse it out after a few minutes.

Step 2. 
Restructuring shampoo. This is a low lather shampoo. If it doesn’t lather, that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Work the shampoo through strands gently applying as you would any other of our shampoos. Just use it after the pre shampoo conditioner. Rinse it out after a minute. Bypass the 2nd wash as that extra friction may be hard on fragile damaged strands. Towel blot water from hair.

Step 3. 
Masque. It can be used every 3rd shampoo. Apply to towel dried hair, as you would any of Monat Masques and leave in your hair for 5 minutes.

Step 4. 
Inner Force Restructuring Serum. This penetrates, (without lifting the cuticle or stressing strands) deep into the cortex. This is left in the hair as a leave in treatment. It can be used daily and without use of the other products, meaning if you want to use it on non shampoo days, you can. You can use it with Rejuvabeads, too. Apply the Beads first, gently brush or comb through, wait a minute, then apply Inner Force Restructuring Serum over top of the beads.

What do we know?

In testing, 100% of Research subjects agree that:
The product works as a protective shield
Improves Resistance to breakage
Reduces damage and brittleness
Improves manageability
Hair appears stronger
Hair looks healthier, younger, shinier.
Provides mild effective cleansing
Improves elasticity
Looks in better shape
Hair feels softer, smoother,
Helps repair damage
Transforms hair from brittle to silky
Immediately restores softness.

The research subjects were stylists and clients and they all agreed!

Where do I Get it:

Buy Now:


Restructuring Pre-wash Conditioner– A lightweight pre-shampoo conditioner that shields strands from friction and further damage during washing, leaving hair luscious and healthy.

Restructuring Shampoo– A mild and creamy, sulfate-free corrective cleanser that rebuilds, re-hydrates and fortifies tresses.

Hair Transformation Masque– Fixes breakage, strengthens, softens and transforms the look of damaged, brittle, over-processed hair within minutes.

Inner Force Restructuring Serum– Dual treatment serum that reconstructs hair at its core, restoring strands to a healthier, pre-damaged state in just one treatment.

Need Halloween props. Get them here.
A most have for Halloween. Set up your music at the door..

Hair Loss and Pregnancy… Don’t have time for that..


Get your vitamins here;  S3


A growing number of consumers are interested in naturally based, vegan and/or plant-based alternatives.


One tremendous movement is for corporations to be cruelty free.
We are Leaping Bunny certified is a big win for those of us who care.
Naturally based products are becoming the rage among today’s health conscious shoppers.
What you will not find in MONAT products are listed below in our “no’s”
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Cyclic Silicones
  • BHT
  • Phthalates
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Petrolatum
  • Mineral Oil
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Triclosan
  • Plastic Microbeads
  • Formaldehyde Releasers
  • Harmful Colors
  • Harmful Fragrances
What you will find in MONAT’s products are naturally based ingredients and botanicals extracts that benefit the hair and scalp. These ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize, hydrate and improve the hair’s overall condition to leave it silky, shiny, healthy and beautiful.
If you are interested in these products and want more information then please click this link:  Elaine’s Monat
I would love to show you around the Monat business and if you are also interested in join just click the join opportunity button on the site.
We have three ways to buy also so you have choices with Monat.
3 ways to buy


Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.

Rock on with October.. Rocktober


I am so so excited for October.. not only is it the best time of the year for me but I know when the colors start changing we all get a little excited of all the beauty around us..  Monat has sweetened the month just a little bit more.

We have so many great things going on that I can hardly wait to finish this so you all know whats going on..

Golly where do I begin..  Okay well this just isn’t October its Rocktober… and we are doing jut that..rocking October with many many things for you to get October off to a good start..  First I am asking you to join my team..  2nd once you got your product pack picked out,  just follow each link in the set up of your very own business.. that alone is exciting.

Essentials Product Pack

Get in the game this month, with our LIMITED-EDITION ESSENTIALS Pack. This product pack comes with some of our best-sellers and will get you started as a successful Market Partner, but act fast, this is only available in August.

This Product Pack includes: 

  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (1)
  • Revive Shampoo (1)
  • Revitalize Conditioner (1)
  • Rejuvabeads (1)
  • Blow Out Cream (1)
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo (1)
  • Hair Apparent Magazine (1)


  • Assorted Product Samples
  • SMART Start Roadmap
  • SMART Start Workbook
  • Product Magazine + Price List
  • VIP Customer brochure
  • Packaging Band (for brochures and samples)
  • Jelly Bag(For Samples)



One the very first page of you back office on the right and about half way down you will see the heading called company news. Click on each one of those and download everything to your computer like I do and your ready to take off with your business.  Get excited as you tell all your friends that you are now a Monat Boss Babe.. that’s right your are a boss babe now my friend.. and I welcome you..

So lets me help you get rocking this October with your very own Rocktober Biz..   You deserve to pamper yourself.


Watch how Kristy is rocking october too.

Don’t forget to pick up your Halloween treats today..



Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.


Winter will be here soon.. be ready

Summer is about to end so why not get ready for those winter months.. So for all you grilling buddies this is for you.

Everything you need for indoor grilling.

Indoor Grill Cooking Tips

Enjoy these tips and things..


Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.

Taking Hydration to a Whole New Level

hydration newSingularly spectacular, together transformative!
Experience MONAT’s next-level hair hydration, NOW permanently together as a multifaceted 4-piece collection that cleanses, conditions, deeply treats and locks in essential moisture that lasts up to 72 hours!

Each unique, intensely hydrating formula is infused with two of the most technologically advanced ingredients designed to defend against and revive even the most seriously thirsty hair REJUVENIQUE STM and PATCH20TM.


4 steps to soft, manageable, healthy-looking hair that overflows with body, vitality and lustrous shine.


Restores dull, lifeless, parched hair with softness, elasticity, and shine. Formulated to gently cleanse while instantly hydrating hair, delivering high performance results.

8.0 fl. oz. | 237 ml

1 cleanse

This lightweight, rinse-out conditioner that treats all hair types with thirst- quenching hydration. Plant-derived silicone alternative safely improves slip and manageability without product build-up or environmental harm.

6.0 fl. oz. | 178 ml

2 condition


An ultra-hydrating lightweight gel cream masque for dull, lifeless, thirsty air. Like a Heavenly Cloud of Hydration!

4.2 fl. oz. | 124 ml

3 treat


A leave-in treatment for dull, lifeless thirsty hair, that combines long-lasting hydration with body-building ingredients to restore hair vibrancy, bounce and shine!

Set includes: 3 vials 0.15ml | 0.5 fl. oz. each + Reusable Hair Cap

4 smooth

hydration new price

These prices are for Monat VIP’s and Monat Market Partners but are available for retail prices..

Now may be a good time to think about join our team of boss babes and enjoy all the perks of being a VIP with 15% off of all our products or as a Market Partner with 30% off plus you will be set up with your very own business.  Click on the order button below and visit our opportunity pages to learn more or message me here.  My email address is if you would like to email me.


Order Now



Give that hard to buy for child this…


Old enough for to know what a gift card is..


Buy a Gift card for that hard to buy for child… niece, nephew, grand child. Let them pick their own video from Amazon

For your self be an Amazon Prime member.. Love the way you can shop with secure and get a discount on your purchases. GO AMAZON

For all you beauty peeps out here grab this book..

Disclosure: Some blog posts, articles or other content on this website contain affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means I may receive a commission or other compensation if you choose to purchase something I’ve shared with you.