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You will have your choice of the Curl Cream or the Rejuvabeads.  This offer will stay into effect until both Products are gone.  Good luck and have an awesome day.

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Need more information about Monat:  Changing Lives


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Pinterest Follow for Follow

Image result for pinterest images


Most of you know that I am an avid user of Pinterest.  There just isn’t one topic that I have searched for that I have not come up with information that I am seeking.

I read one pin where they advised you to not join groups on pinterest but to create your own boards and it went on to tell you how to create your boards, how to name them so they will catch the attention of other people that are doing the same thing as you.. # one goal is to be seen

Once people see you and your standing out then more and more people will follow you.  That’s what you want.. people to follow you and read your posts.

I have a variety of boards, not all business, even though that is really why I got on pinterest was to promote my business..  But once I started searching and reading I new that Pinterest was much much more than business.

It is not my go to when I want a new food recipe. Or a new hair style and whats the best style for women over 60.  Yep that would be me..

Oh and I absolutely love all my DIY finds..  I am always looking for things to do like when I made my xmas tree out of a tomato cage.  LOL  I know but it really turned out well.  See: Just the right size for my camper.

So I am offering you a follow for follow on my pinterest account.  What that means is you follow me and I follow you and I know when I find some pins I like I will be saving them to my boards too..  We both win.. EXPOSURE..  that my friends is what we all need exposure so that we are seen.


Click the picture to my go to my Pinterest link..  Have fun my friends I will be looking for you..

P.S.  I found this wonderful group on Facebook too.




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What do you know about the Shingles?

You can think of shingles as the one-two punch of infections. Anyone who ever gets it had a case of the chickenpox first, often many decades earlier.

The reason these two conditions are paired up: They come from the same virus.

Chickenpox causes itchy blistersthat might start on your back, chest, and face and spread to the rest of your body. Shingles is a rash with shooting pain. It usually shows up on just one side of your body.

If you start to feel tingly and itchy on one side of your torso and then notice a rash, call your doctor. She can examine you and figure out whether you have shingles

The symptoms of shinglesinclude:

  • Localized burning, throbbing or stabbing pain where the rash will soon appear (within days to weeks); some people describe it as more itchy. It can be constant or come and go.
  • Tingling, itching, or prickling skin, followed several days later by a group of fluid-filled blisters on a red, inflamed base of skin; the blisters typically crust over in a week.
  • The rash may be accompanied by fever, fatigue, or headache

How Do I Know If I Have Shingles?

If you had chickenpox as a child, you might recall the itchy, spotted rash that popped up on your face and body. The varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox stays inside your body for many years.Once you’re older, that same virus can wake up and cause shingles, also called herpes zoster. It gives you a rash, too, but it’s often more painful than itchy.

A blistering rash on one side of your body can be a sign you have it. See your doctor to find out for sure. Once you’ve been diagnosed, you can get treated to help relieve your rash and other symptoms.

The Telltale Signs

Your doctor will first ask whether you’ve had chickenpox and look at your symptoms. A rash is the main sign of shingles. Often your doctor can tell that you have it from your skin alone.

shingles rash:

  • Appears on one side of your body and/or face
  • Stings, burns, and/or itches
  • Starts as red bumps that form into blisters

What Problems Can Shingles Cause?

When you have shingles, you tend to focus on the short-term — how to get relief from the pain and discomfort you have right now. For that, you have a lot of treatment options, from medicines to alternative therapies.

Shingles is a viral infection. The main symptom is a rash, usually on one side of your body. Typically, it hurts, burns, itches, and tingles. It may also give you a fever or headache and make you feel really tired.

Most of the time, your symptoms go away in less than a month. But for some people, complications come up.

While shingles itself is almost never life-threatening, it can lead to serious problems, such as the loss of eyesight.

If you think you have shingles, check with your doctor.

Antiviral Medications
These medicines may slow down the progress of the shingles rash, especially if you take them within the first 72 hours of having symptoms.They can also lower your chance of having complications. Your doctor may prescribe:

Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about side effects to watch for if you’re put on one these.


Information came from WebMD

When I had the shingles my biggest issue besides the pain was the itching..  Calamine Lotion become my best friend..Hope this has enlightened you about the shingles. If your over 50 and have had the shingles then you can get the shot. I actually had gotten my shot just last year.  I just didn’t want to take the chance anymore that I would get them a 5th time.  That’s right I have had the shingles 4 times already. Once on my lower back in 2001 and three times on my eye lid. once on the left and 2 times on the right.. That is not fun. My eyes swelled up and I couldn’t see for a day.. That was scary plus I had to have help eating, going to the bath room,  getting back in the bed.   So don’t take that chance if you can get  the shot please do so.

Do you know the signs? #chronicpain #shingles Read for more information.

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The Health and Beauty Benefits of Water

How many times have you heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day? It’s common knowledge but do we really know why we need to drink that much water? Listen up!
Your body is mostly water and comprises about 60 percent of your body weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, water:
  • Eliminates wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements
  • Keeps your temperature normal
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Protects sensitive tissues

Can dehydration cause hair loss?

While short-term dehydration will not harm your hair, chronic dehydration can cause hair loss. … Since your hair follicles lack water, they will stop producing new hair. If you’re chronically dehydrated, your follicles won’t grow enough hair to replace the strands that are shed naturally, resulting in hair thinning.

Water and other natural remedies can help you hair loss.

Besides water purification, vitamins and lifestyle changes have also been shown to encourage hair growth and even reduce hair loss. Below are several tips on how to keep your tresses healthy and vibrant through nutrition and drinking water.

Natural ways to grow hair and reduce hair loss

  1. Protein: Hair is made of protein so a protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Add protein to the diet by including meat, tofu, dairy, or protein shakes.
  2. Iron: The mineral iron helps increase circulation in the scalp which will fuel hair growth. Foods that have high iron content include liver, apricots, and raisins.
  3. Vitamin A: Helps create vibrant hair because it works with the fat synthesis in the hair follicles and spurs hair growth. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, kale, eggs, and squash.
  4. Vitamin B: Niacin (B3) promotes blood circulation to your scalp thereby encouraging hair growth. Biotin and the complex B vitamins are needed to grow hair. Vitamin B can be found in whole grains, fruit, eggs, fish, meat, and milk.
  5. Water: The hair shaft is comprised of one quarter of water. Drink at least 4 to 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated and grow healthy hair.
  6. Reduce alcohol & cigarettes: Drinking alcohol reduces hair growth and smoking cigarettes reduces the blood flow to the scalp.

There are various benefits of drinking water for hair growth. Those are as follows:

1. Water is the root source of energy for each and every cell of our body. It includes those cells too, that are responsible for hair growth and its health.

2. Water nurtures cells and provides them required hair vitamins.

3. It generates magnetic and electrical energy which is considered as a core power to sustain life. This is done through a process called hydrolysis.

4. The roots of the hair and our scalp have many energy-sensitive and photosensitive nerve endings. Water activates all these nerve endings and other sensors in our skin and scalp that enhances the natural vitality of hair roots.

5. Drinking enough water can also help you get rid of dandruff and hair thinning problem.

It is truly said that water is life. Not only our skin and health, but water promote hair growth too and tend to fight with other hair and scalp challenges. And even mild dehydration can sap energy from the hair roots and result into hair loss.

Others sources of water.
Feel refreshed and revitalized as you sip on our Watermelon Mint Smoothie!
  • Strawberries…
  • Cantaloupe…
  • Pineapple. …
  • Oranges. …
  • Raspberries. …
  • Iceberg Lettuce. …
  • Celery. …
  • Green Peppers…
  • Watermelon…
  • Cucumbers…
  • Spinach…
  • Tomatoes…

Image result for fruits and vegetables images

But did you also know all the wonderful things water can do for your looks?Enough H2O does more than keep you hydrated. It helps your body flush out toxins more efficiently. The result? Fresher and more radiant-looking skin! Water helps your skin keep its natural elasticity and suppleness.

Make sure you stay hydrated to prevent hair loss..

Correcting the factors above will usually stop hair loss.  While remedies for the hair sometimes work, the most reliable way to stop hair loss, in my experience, is with a properly designed nutritional balancing program and use the right hair care products.  It only takes 23 seconds for hair products to get into your system so ask yourself one question, “Whats in my hair products that could harm me?’

Learn here what’s in my hair care products: Science of Monat

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Testimonial Regrowth

These are my results after 5 months on Monae I was suffering from hair loss. I use the Intensive repair shampoo conditioner and intensive repair spray for 3 months I am now on revive shampoo and Revitalize conditioner
I absolutely love it when people show me their results with Monat.  Best thing about her results is it will just keep getting better and better.  This very shampoo is what helped  me regrow my hair too.
This is when I started Monat over a year ago.
This is me today.  If you would like to get amazing results like we do then please go look at my website..  Have a look around and then take the quiz.  Its in the menu bar..  The quiz will recommend whats best for you from the answers you put in to the questions asked.   Then you have the choice to do one of three things..  Buy at retail, (full price)  VIP customer which gives you 15 % off of your qualifying orders., or as a Monat Market Partner which gives you 30 % off of all your products when you purchase a product pack.
Just click here:  Monat 
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Everything you need to Build Your Own Business

Monat just announced they have made a new product pack just for the month of August.


A new month and new opportunities await you.

It’s time to dust off those dreams.

At MONAT, you’ll change your life and, consequently, change the lives of others.

In this product pack for only $199.00 USA dollars you get:

  1. Starter Kit
  2. “Hair Apparent” magazine
  3. Rejuvenique Oil Intensive
  4. Revive Shampoo
  5. Revitalize Conditioner
  6. Blow out Cream
  7. Rejuvebeads
  8. The Champ dry shampoo

Never before has Monat jumped right out there to help all you new opportunity seekers.

See what we’re all about, get in the game and join the#MONATmovement.

Join Now

Not interested in being a Market partner.. no problem  you can now become a VIP Customer and still get 15% off the already discounted price.

 You can join for as little as $60.00

Come check it out on my website.  Click here

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Marketing Your Site or Blog Online


A blog post with links to the best resources for marketing your site that are on the blog and for growing your business through online marketing. Click now to read!

For the past year or so I have been learning how to network market my personal business and I have been trained by several people along the way that  have helped me learn the ropes so to speak.  I highly recommend that you learn the ropes first before you create your business.  Even though you can create first and then learn but I personally have found that is better to educate yourself first, especially if your business is mainly and online business.

So what I have done and what I want to share with you is what I do. First off my main goal has always been to help other people.  #helpothersgrow  I can’t help you if I am not seen and you the readers aren’t reading or looking at what I have to share with you.

So my first recommendation is advertising.  I advertised with a company called Go Viral for Less.   Todate my business ad has 322,267 Views.  I paid $99.00 for this featured interview and what I really like about my interview is I can edit it as I need too.   For example every month my business has a new monthly incentive for new people that want to join my business.  I am able to go in and update that part of the interview every month and I simply share it out and it creates new views.   This particular ad is for exposure only.    New clients are a added bonus but not guaranteed.

Once I started getting exposure then I started posting to all the favorite Social Media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, and a couple more.   Then I created a Word Press Blog.   This wordpress by #LYNNSPARKS is actually my second business blog.  Both has its own purpose.

My go to research place is:

Here is a list of some really great help you with marketing your small business.

  1. Marketing Your Site on Pinterest: All of the blog posts that I have created about using Pinterest for your website. And it just keeps growing!
  2. Marketing with Instagram: An infographic. Instagram is fun. Visual. And a great way to generate traffic for your small business.
  3. Why Your Business Needs a Blog: This article explains the benefits of a blog and why your small business should have one. Blogging is one of the best methods for marketing your site. If you are already planning on creating a blog, but need some guidance on setting up your domain, hosting plan, and blogging platform, I have a step-by-step post for that too!
  4. 9 Habits of Super Productive People: What habits make you more productive? Read about the top habits you should have to be super productive. One technique that is most helpful is the Pomodoro technique. You can learn more about implementing a super easy routine that makes you more productive!
  5. Pinterest for Small Businesses: A post detailing why Pinterest is so useful for small businesses and blogs and how you could be increasing your traffic and sales by implementing some useful tips and tricks.

This is just the beginning so come back often to my blog.. I will be sharing more ways to be seen with your own business and blogs.

For full detail click this link. Rohda


Enjoy and share with your avid Pinterest Fans.. Just click the button.

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Have You Been Exposed To Toxic Mold?

Mold, so you say I don’t see any mold in my home but do you really know what you are looking at?

Image result for image of pink mold in shower or tub

Read this:

Image result for image of pink mold in shower or tub

You know that pink stuff that just show’s up in your shower?  Yep you got it,  its mold. The bathroom is an extremely problematic area.   So what do you do?

Use the Right Products

There’s no need to buy specialist products to get rid of the mold. Work with vinegar, bleach, alcohol, and even citrus extract first. All these will get into the particles of your windowsills, tiles, and more.



Tired of fighting shower mold and mildew? Here's help! Get rid of mold and mildew, then keep them from coming back for good, with these simple steps.

You will need to do more than just spray and wipe. Leave the products on for a few minutes and allow them to physically kill off the mold spores. You can then get in with a toothbrush, especially into the smaller areas, to get rid of the remnants of the problem.

Just leaving one spore behind will mean your mold problem returns.

After you’ve cleaned up the mold spores, you’ll need to use vinegar or citrus extract regularly. These will help to kill any new spores that start to form due to the warm and damp area.

Clean the Bathroom Regularly

Don’t just mop the floor. You want to clean the sinks, baths, and basins regularly. Make it part of your weekly chore list. Scrub into the section where the bath/sink join with the wall and don’t forget about where the taps connect to the basins. You want to get rid of any beads of moisture.

Mold can also grow where your soaps and body washes sit. This is because of oils and scum from the bottles drip onto the bath or the stand. Clean the outside of your products and wipe away all the buildup of oils and scum so mold spores don’t have anything to feed on.

Don’t forget about the grate in your showers. This will see a buildup of hair, skin cells, oils, and scum. Remove the grate and regularly clean it. You want to get into the pipes where possible, as mold will build in these sections. Use a vinegar cleanser and pour it down the drains regularly to kill all the mold that grows here. Unfortunately, you can’t stop the mold growth within the drains, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a health problem.

Mold is a very common problem in a lot of households because it grows everywhere and it can cause a variety of health problems. Mold is present under the sink, in the basement, in the shower, in leaking walls, etc. Researchers have found that mold releases millions of spores into the room and can cause winter allergies and asthma attacks.

Don’t forget your drains too.. way down in them pipes is a nightmare.. so clean often too.

There are a number home remedies to kill mold dead in its tract’s.  Mold removal spray ~ 50% white vinegar, 50% distilled water & 1 tsp tea tree essential oil for every cup made. Spray on & leave. (She used 80/20 mix)

You’ll Need:

  • Distilled White Vinegar,  Tea Tree Oil be sure that it’s real pure 100% tea tree essential oil or it may not work. Many store bought oils are not pure – learn more about it here.}
  • Water
  • Empty, Clean Spray Bottle {glass bottle preferably, old apple cider vinegar jars work great}


1. Fill empty spray bottle at least half full with vinegar {if you can stand the vinegar smell, I usually make mine a bit stronger with an 80:20 ratio of vinegar and water instead of 50:50}.

2. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water, leaving about a 1 inch gap at the top of the bottle.

3. Add drops of essential oil{s} – 1 teaspoon of essential oil for every 1 cup of vinegar/water solution.

How To Use:

  • When ready to use the cleaner, shake vigorously to combine the essential oils throughout the mixture. Spray on surface to clean.
  • To help remove mold – generously spray on showers, shower doors, walls, tubs, etc. and LET SIT as a preventative, do not wipe down. The smell will be strong but it will go away.
  • Tip: Large stores like Target usually carry 1 gallons of white vinegar for around $2-3. This is the best price that I have found for vinegar anywhere.

Note: This homemade anti mold spray is only intended for surface mold on non-porous surfaces. Mold cannot be completely cleaned from porous surfaces like clothing, particle board, mattresses, paper, etc.

If you still find that you’re having trouble cleaning mold in your bathroom, I recommend you seek professional help.  If you need help finding somebody let me know as I know some  mold specialist all over the USA.



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The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.
All major search engines such as GoogleBing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.
Here is an awesome video that will explain it all to you.  SEO VIDEO 
Imagine if you were a library….  another great website to learn about SEO is right here: 
Below is an awesome guide for your blog.  Great tips to learn and  make better blog post.











Learn more about SEO here:  SEO TRAINING


For a full report go too my pinterest account. 

Follow my board too. 

You can also find me on facebook at:  LynnSparks Cares 


Have a blessed day.

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Google Analytics is a software that creates reports and gives live information about your audience, content, traffic source, demographics of your audience to name a few. Google analytics is one the most important part of your blog.  If you want to grow your blog, make a good relationship with Google Analytics.

Why Do You Need Google Analytics?

You need Google Analytics because it helps answer many important questions regarding your blog performance. Some of them are: –

  • The number of people that visit your website
  • The popular blog post or content on your site
  • The demographics of your audience
  • The popular pages on your site
  • If your readers are on mobile, desktop or tablets
  • The geographic location of your audience.
  •  Which website or social media site is sending visitors to your site?All these answers will help you to create more audience-focused content. Shift your focus to one or two well performing social media account. Choose right day to publish your post. Get to know the busiest day and time of your blog.If make yourself more aware of GA then it’ll help you a lot in taking your blog to next level.


    First, you need a Google Analytics account. If you have an account with Google (Gmail or any other account) then you can use that account to create GA.

    Click on Sign in button on Google Analytics to set up your account. You will then be greeted with the three steps you must take to set up Google Analytics.

    add Google Analytics to WordPress

    Click the Sign Up button and fill out information on your website.

    add Google Analytics to WordPress

    The process is pretty simple and easy to follow along:-

    What would you like to track: Choose website

    Account Name: Enter your name here.

    Website Name: This is to help you keep track of all the websites you have on your account.

    Website URL: Enter your domain name.

    Industry Category: Choose a category that your website fits into from the drop-down menu.

    Reporting Time Zone: Choose your corresponding time zone.

    Data Sharing Settings: This is to decide if you want to share your Google Analytics data with Google representative and receive emails from them. I usually uncheck them all.

    Google Analytics

    Once you are finished, you will click the Get Tracking ID button. You will get a popup of the Google Analytics terms and conditions, which you have to agree to. Then you will get your Google Analytics code.

    Congrats!! Your Google Analytics account is Set up.


    To start tracking your website performance and get the full picture of your blog, you’ll have to add the Google Analytics code to your website header.

    There are two ways to do this:-

    Step 1: What I did was installed a plugin called Header and Footer in my WordPress and added the code in the header section of the plugin. It’s very simple.

    To install a plugin, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on plugin> add new > type Header& footer or any other plugin that you want to install.

    Some people prefer plugins like Monster insight but the reason I choose Header & footer plugin is this plugin is multi -useable. Any code that you need to add to the header or footer of your site can be added using this plugin. For example, tracking code of your ads or in my case, I have added the sign-up form at the header using this plugin.

    By the way, you can check your GA report straight in google so there is no need for an extra plugin.

    add Google Analytics to WordPress

    Step 2: To add the code to the header section of your theme.

    I wouldn’t recommend messing with your theme unless you are sure of it. Move over when your theme gets updated there is a high chance that you might have to re-add those codes, double work.

    But, if you insist then click on Appearance on WordPress Dashboard> Editor> Theme header> and add your code.

    That’s It. Congratulation!! Your Google Analytics is set up and ready to track the performance of your Site.



    The one screen where I have my eyes glued is REAL-TIME. I think most of the bloggers are obsessed with their pageview numbers, at least I’m.

    Especially in the beginning when you are trying to see if people are coming to your site. Are they enjoying your work? Thousand times I’ve told myself that I’ll only check Google Analytics at the end of the day but am I listening to myself??? NOPE!!

    Ok, let see what can we learn from the real-time report.

    add Google Analytics to WordPress

    To get this screen, click on Real-Time on the right side of the dashboard and hit Overview.

    On this screen, you can see –

    • the total number of users browsing your site at that very moment
    • pages and post they are reading,
    • their location as well as
    • the source that referred them to your site like Pinterest, Facebook etc
    • devices that your readers are using to access your site like mobile, desktop or tablet.

    Amazing huh???


    As the name suggests, this report is important to check your business health. Here you can check the number of users who visited your site as per days, weeks, months and year. It’s important to understand this report. Check the below screenshot.

    add Google Analytics to WordPress

    From this screen, I can find out the number of users who visited my site from 18th – 27th of March. The total number of page views, users, new users and bounce rate – is the rate at which users are leaving your site (lower the bounce rate, better it is. )

    If a bounce rate is higher then you’ll have to find out what is making your readers leave your site? It could be many things like less number of posts, the standard of content, site performance, site load time, font, ads etc. Among these, load time and overall site performance are the major ones. Also, for me, small font size means bye-bye.

    You can also see if you are retaining old readers in the pie chart.

    Familiarise yourself with different subreports, it’ll help you a lot to understand your audience.


    Aquisition report is mainly for your traffic source. This report helps you to find out your traffic source. From here you can figure out which platform to focus on – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or SEO. You can also find out which landing page is performing better.

    If there is any website referring traffic to you?? You’ll know every point of source for your traffic and accordingly focus on a well-performing source, work on strategies that are working.


    This is one of the most important reports as it gives you more info about your content. From this report, you can find out your most popular post and create more content on that topic, add affiliate links to that post.

    If you are writing about multiple topics and not able to figure out your focus area then this report will help you to find your direction.

    You can also check your site speed from this report which is very important for good user experience. More on this in next post.


    add Google Analytics to WordPress


    These are few important reports that will help you tremendously to understand your business progress and decide your next step.

    If you keep a close eye on your reports then you’ll understand your audience, their preference and you’ll be creating more useful content for your audience. I’m sure you must have read many times that you need to know your audience to create valuable content. Do you know how to find out your audience and serve them right content???

    YES, you do now!!

    Just check your Google Analytics reports. You’ll not only know what kind of content your audience like but also where are they based. What are the busy time for your site and the busy day?

    This information will help you in Creating useful content for your readers, schedule your content properly, choose a  right time to be on social media and focus on your successful social media account etc.

    Google Analytics is not just to check the page views but it’s a lot more than that. I hope this how to add Google

    Analytics to WordPress guide will help you understand your analytics better and make the best use of it.

    Good Luck!

  • My Impressions


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