Testimonial Regrowth

These are my results after 5 months on Monae I was suffering from hair loss. I use the Intensive repair shampoo conditioner and intensive repair spray for 3 months I am now on revive shampoo and Revitalize conditioner
I absolutely love it when people show me their results with Monat.  Best thing about her results is it will just keep getting better and better.  This very shampoo is what helped  me regrow my hair too.
This is when I started Monat over a year ago.
This is me today.  If you would like to get amazing results like we do then please go look at my website..  Have a look around and then take the quiz.  Its in the menu bar..  The quiz will recommend whats best for you from the answers you put in to the questions asked.   Then you have the choice to do one of three things..  Buy at retail, (full price)  VIP customer which gives you 15 % off of your qualifying orders., or as a Monat Market Partner which gives you 30 % off of all your products when you purchase a product pack.
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Instant Sculpting Taffy is seriously like Hairspray in a Jar

 Even the guys love Taffy by Monat. 

That’s right.. I have been using Monat Taffy now ever sense they launched this new product and it is the bomb..  If you have a hard time keeping curls or any style you seriously need to add this to your routine!  This wonder-product provides a really amazing pliable hold to keep your style without making it look like a hair helmet everytime you move your head.  Instantly brings vitality to hair with its unique combination of natural botanicals in a pliable sculpting base. Amplify and enhance your hairstyles with immediate results that can last all day and into the night.

This is how to use it:  * Dip finger into the taffy and what comes out is what you use.  * Rub well into hands for an even distribution. It will feel tacky at first but dries super soft with a nice, light hold.  * Scrunch hair using Taffy.  * Run fingers through hair to relax the curls from more wave-curl vs spiral curt!  * You can also add 1 or 2 drops of Rejuvenique Oil for added shine and smoothness as a  finisher.  * Mostly used as a dry finisher but some curly girls use while hair is wet (which is how I use it.)  * It gives curls that extra shape.  # style as usual.





An emollient blend that helps to protect the scalp, strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth.



Featuring Pea Extract, this high-tech blend supports healthy, younger-looking hair by helping to protect your tresses from UV damage and environmental factors.


A blend of 13+ Natural Plant and Essential Oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients highly compatible with the skin and hair.


A powerful ingredient that helps protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays, preserving hair’s natural pigmentation and keeping strands protected and strong.


  • Parabens


  • Cyclic Silicones

  • BHT


  • Polyethylene Glycol

  • Phthalates

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Petrolatum

  • Mineral Oil

  • Paraffin Wax

  • Triclosan

  • Plastic Microbeads

  • Formaldehyde Releasers

  • Harmful Colors

  • Harmful Fragrances

You don’t have to be a curly hair girl to use the Taffy.. I only dream of having hair like that.. but it still gives me the hold I need and want.   Watch this short video that shows you how to use this amazing product.  Its one of my favorites and I use it every time I wash my hair .



Everything you need to Build Your Own Business

Monat just announced they have made a new product pack just for the month of August.


A new month and new opportunities await you.

It’s time to dust off those dreams.

At MONAT, you’ll change your life and, consequently, change the lives of others.

In this product pack for only $199.00 USA dollars you get:

  1. Starter Kit
  2. “Hair Apparent” magazine
  3. Rejuvenique Oil Intensive
  4. Revive Shampoo
  5. Revitalize Conditioner
  6. Blow out Cream
  7. Rejuvebeads
  8. The Champ dry shampoo

Never before has Monat jumped right out there to help all you new opportunity seekers.

See what we’re all about, get in the game and join the#MONATmovement.

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Dust off those Dreams!

Its Time To Dust off those Dreams


People Helping People Worldwide has very simple follow the step system
where everyone wins. We’ve included everything you need to ensure your success.

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Are These 3 Harmful Foods Damaging Your Body?

I went on Google this morning and typed in Trending..  I found this article that said “Are These 3 Harmful Foods Damaging Your Body?” Well since I have been trying to lose about 10 lbs ( I gained when I was transitioning into a new life change. )  I am settled now and I have been getting back into my  exercise routine again.  I can’t jog or run because of my bad ankles  but I do like to walk and I do have a video that I  exercise too.   Plus I stay busy.. I also take my dogs for walks and I try my best, weather permitting, to do this everyday..

Back to about this article I found.  Dr. Lee is addressing 3 harmful foods that we all eat and is telling all. She is a doctor of internal medicine, physician nutrition and obesity medicine specialist.   So that leads me to believe in what she is telling us in this video she has made has merit.  Dr. Lee is taking a life change approach.. Please watch this video.  Turn off your phones for the next 45 minutes and keep your mind open to what she has to say.   If you are like me and this is of value to you then, watch it till its over.   If you don’t have time right now to dedicate to this then please save it or bookmark it to your computer and come back to it.  What ever you do come back… that’s your first step to a whole new you .






Dr. Amy Lee
Bariatric Physician

Dr. Lee has board certifications in internal medicine, physician nutrition and obesity medicine specialty. She practices internal medicine with a heavy emphasis on nutrition, wellness and weight management. Her goal is to standardize a diet plan that is evidence based through educating her patients and providing proven solutions that work.
Dr Lee is also on face book too.  Come check her out and show her some love. Click the picture.
I do not sell the products she talks about in her video.. You can find this product on her facebook page or google NuCific.
Or go to her website.. https://nucific.com/
Check out her blog too.  Lots of great things going on there such as:


Tiffany Rothe’s Waist Shrinking Workout


Remove All The Fat

We are now living in times that what we eat is no longer good for us.  ( to many chemicals etc.)  We all just gain weight and gain weight and next thing you know your 5, 10, 30 or maybe even 50 lbs. over weight.. So what do we do?  Here is one way to reduce that body fat in your system.  There are so many ways to do this, some people use pills, which I have tried but they was always to harsh for my system.. You just have to keep plugging to find one just right for you but believe me that could get costly. So my way (which may not be your way) but my way is push away from the table and walk, walk and I do an online video everyday by Tiffany Rothe.. (so for you find your video you really) , start walking and exercise now.  Don’t say I will start that tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.  Just do it.. It isn’t going to get done until you start.

For all you that would prefer to drink your way to being skinny try this:

1 Single Glass Of This Drink Before Sleeping Will Help You Remove All The Fat You’ve Had In You From The Previous Day


If you are willing to lose weight, but you just don’t have enough time for regular training, this amazing drink can do wonders for your excess body fat.

In addition, it is very beneficial for detoxification and elimination of the excess of waste from your body. It is a great boost of energy which not only improves your health but also your state of mind.

Excess body fat is also known to trigger the onset of numerous diseases, some of which are pretty much serious. At this point, multiple studies have shown that the seemingly harmless body fat increases the risk for the following conditions:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis

This drink contains the most potent fat-burning ingredients. Its ingredients work in synergy to eliminate the fecal matter from the colon, which later on results in weight loss. Other health benefits this drink provides include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides the body with powerful antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals
  • Reduces uric acid levels and prevents gout attacks
  • Stops cancer and tumor growth
  • Reduces fluid retention and removes excess fluids from the body
  • Holds powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • Purifies the blood
  • Prevents and treats bladder and kidney infections
  • Eliminates bad breath


  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 teaspoon of grated ginger
  • A bunch of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed flour
  • 1/2 of a cup of purified water


Put all ingredients in a blender or a food processor and mix until you get a homogenous mixture. Drink this potion before you go to bed. In order to get all of its benefits and lose weight, you should drink this beverage on a regular basis.

Source: http://www.healthiesternative.com

Here is a great video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8KJKwq2R3s

Oh and one more thing.. Drink lots of alkaline water..  It will detox your system. Watch this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_J8btnIEKQ&t=256s  for all you Tiffany Rothe lovers like me..


One more thing,  think and do healthy food, mind, body… Now just start today.

Don’t for get to share me with your friends.  Much love peeps.





Shout out to all Boss Babes.

Is this you?  You bet it is.. all you need is a blog and the right mindset… no go get it…

To help you a little read this:  

My business pays me to wash my hair.  To find out more message me or cick the picture.


1. Seek proper counsel in your financial plan.
2. Save the first 10% of everything you earn.
3. Set up and follow your own personal spending program.
4. Invest your 10% savings in intelligent ways.
5. Guard your savings against loss by making proper decisions.
6. Own your home as quickly as possible.
7. Be adequately and correctly insured.
8. Increase your ability to earn more.
9. Take proper actions NOW!


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Marketing Your Site or Blog Online


A blog post with links to the best resources for marketing your site that are on the blog and for growing your business through online marketing. Click now to read!

For the past year or so I have been learning how to network market my personal business and I have been trained by several people along the way that  have helped me learn the ropes so to speak.  I highly recommend that you learn the ropes first before you create your business.  Even though you can create first and then learn but I personally have found that is better to educate yourself first, especially if your business is mainly and online business.

So what I have done and what I want to share with you is what I do. First off my main goal has always been to help other people.  #helpothersgrow  I can’t help you if I am not seen and you the readers aren’t reading or looking at what I have to share with you.

So my first recommendation is advertising.  I advertised with a company called Go Viral for Less.   Todate my business ad has 322,267 Views.  I paid $99.00 for this featured interview and what I really like about my interview is I can edit it as I need too.   For example every month my business has a new monthly incentive for new people that want to join my business.  I am able to go in and update that part of the interview every month and I simply share it out and it creates new views.   This particular ad is for exposure only.    New clients are a added bonus but not guaranteed.

Once I started getting exposure then I started posting to all the favorite Social Media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, and a couple more.   Then I created a Word Press Blog.   This wordpress by #LYNNSPARKS is actually my second business blog.  Both has its own purpose.

My go to research place is:

Here is a list of some really great help you with marketing your small business.

  1. Marketing Your Site on Pinterest: All of the blog posts that I have created about using Pinterest for your website. And it just keeps growing!
  2. Marketing with Instagram: An infographic. Instagram is fun. Visual. And a great way to generate traffic for your small business.
  3. Why Your Business Needs a Blog: This article explains the benefits of a blog and why your small business should have one. Blogging is one of the best methods for marketing your site. If you are already planning on creating a blog, but need some guidance on setting up your domain, hosting plan, and blogging platform, I have a step-by-step post for that too!
  4. 9 Habits of Super Productive People: What habits make you more productive? Read about the top habits you should have to be super productive. One technique that is most helpful is the Pomodoro technique. You can learn more about implementing a super easy routine that makes you more productive!
  5. Pinterest for Small Businesses: A post detailing why Pinterest is so useful for small businesses and blogs and how you could be increasing your traffic and sales by implementing some useful tips and tricks.

This is just the beginning so come back often to my blog.. I will be sharing more ways to be seen with your own business and blogs.

For full detail click this link. Rohda


Enjoy and share with your avid Pinterest Fans.. Just click the button.

Growth Hack + Collaborate With Me – Latest Projects by Patrick “Engine” Johnson


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HOME Buyer Company

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So what exactly do I do?
1. Develop automated brands. (not for sell)
2. Growth hack. (not for sell)
3. Collaboration with others. (never a sales pitch)


(1.) I develop fully automated companies for myself, and my collaborators.

>> Examples: I have 40 fully automated brands live on the internet, several large communities built (70,000+ contractors i network already in the last 8 months, as just 1 stat).

(2.) I growth hack my brands, and the brands I do with collaborators.

>> Examples: I’ve won an award on ViralForLess.com voted on by 2.4 million agencies, and marketing firms on a service I created live (and did all this live on my profiles), and currently have the #1 spot in the world on Google.com for the term “Go Viral Online” through my agency www.GoViral.Agency (listed on RestorationMart.com – my other brand). See the award video here: https://youtu.be/fnUvzlmQEWw

(3.) I collaborate with business owners.

Examples: I’ve connected with 212 people in the last month, with 46 active collaborations now moving forward!

—> IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t sell anything to customers, anymore. I got rid of 23,000 customers, I fired my employees, I closed my stores, and I stopped selling advertising. All services of mine has been automated, or trained under different agencies that I trust to make sure people get what they need, and more than they pay for.
AGAIN: I do not deal with the customer directly.

>>>> Profiles:
This is just one of my profiles. (I have over 1,000 profiles, groups, and forums)

To see RAW updates on what I do next, check out this profile: Engine


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