Adult bullying… is it real?

I saw this article on facebook.. It was shared by a dear friend of mine and mentor..  Even though I actually have heard of this before but never really give it any thought..  why because to me its hard to admit that it is happening to you , yes you the house wife, you the working husband, yes you the adult child of an bullying parent.  the list goes on and on of who can and is the result of adult bullying..  Are you a bully?   Are you on the receiving end of bullying?

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About the Author

Here is a book about Bullying if your interested.. I have not read the book myself.

About the book:

Luisa is repeatedly teased and called “weird” by her classmate Sam, even though she is simply being herself—laughing with her friends, answering questions in class, greeting her father in Spanish, and wearing her favorite polka-dot boots. Luisa initially reacts to the bullying by withdrawing and hiding her colorful nature. But with the support of her teachers, parents, classmates, and one special friend named Jayla, she is able to reclaim her color and resist Sam’s put-downs.

The Weird! Series
These three books tell the story of an ongoing case of bullying from three third graders’ perspectives. Luisa describes being targeted by bullying in Weird! Jayla shares her experience as a bystander to bullying in Dare! And in Tough!, Sam speaks from the point of view of someone initiating bullying. Kids will easily relate to Luisa, Jayla, and Sam, as each girl has her own unique experience, eventually learning how to face her challenges with the help of friends, peers, and caring adults.


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