Does your body jerk while you are asleep? Here is why..

So your about to go to sleep and your body jerks,  you sort of wake up again.  There is a name for that.  Its called a hypnic jerk, additionally called a soporific jerk or a sleep begin, is associate involuntary twitch of muscles that happens once someone is starting to nod off, i.e. the soporiferous state. This state is once someone moves from consciousness into state of mind.

Having done this myself, I always wondered why I do that.  I just figured it was because I was tired.   Well I am partly right but here are some reasons that the Health and Beauty 365 website says could be the reason for your jerks..


Namely, seventy % of individuals expertise hypnic jerk once in an exceedingly whereas and therefore the actual reason for this development hasn’t been discovered nevertheless. However, the subsequent factors could have associate influence:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Caffeine
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Sleep deprivation
  • exhausting exercising few hours before hour
  • Uncomfortable sleeping position

One theory implies that hypnic jerks occur because the systema nervosum slows down and relaxes whereas shifting from being tuned in to sleep. At this time, the respiration slows down, the blood heat reduces, and therefore the muscles relax. throughout this method, the nerves could send signals improperly and therefore cause muscle spasms.

Furthermore, another theory claims that the brain gets confused generally throughout the comfort method before sleeping. Thus, it’s going to send signals to the arms associated legs to maneuver to an upright position as a result of the brain thinks that you’re falling.  ( I hate that part of it too..  falling… I have dreamt that I am falling.)  Do you?


As it was already mentioned, hypnic jerk may be a common incidence that happens to the bulk of individuals. sadly, you can not create this jerk disappear fully and for good. Still, you’ll take some precautions concerning the factors which will increase the possibilities of experiencing these jerks. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Avoid alcohol and caffein a minimum of 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • Avoid doing exercises late within the evening;
  • Increase the intake of atomic number 12 and metal, as a result of they’re useful for muscle and nerve spasm;  (The pure metal is lightweight and quickly oxidizes to form magnesium oxide in air. … Magnesium is not found as a pure element on earth, but occurs in numerous compounds. It makes up around 2% of the Earth’s crust. Atomic number 12 is the 9th most abundant element in the universe.)  Had to look that one up..
  • ensure you’re in an exceedingly comfy position, which you’ve got a cushty pad and pillow;
  • Introduce some relaxation exercises for sleep so as to scale back stress and anxiety.  You can find some exercise routines here:

So now that you know why you jerk when your sleeping and you know how to prevent it..

Sweet dreams…

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