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Most of you know that I am an avid user of Pinterest.  There just isn’t one topic that I have searched for that I have not come up with information that I am seeking.

I read one pin where they advised you to not join groups on pinterest but to create your own boards and it went on to tell you how to create your boards, how to name them so they will catch the attention of other people that are doing the same thing as you.. # one goal is to be seen

Once people see you and your standing out then more and more people will follow you.  That’s what you want.. people to follow you and read your posts.

I have a variety of boards, not all business, even though that is really why I got on pinterest was to promote my business..  But once I started searching and reading I new that Pinterest was much much more than business.

It is not my go to when I want a new food recipe. Or a new hair style and whats the best style for women over 60.  Yep that would be me..

Oh and I absolutely love all my DIY finds..  I am always looking for things to do like when I made my xmas tree out of a tomato cage.  LOL  I know but it really turned out well.  See: Just the right size for my camper.

So I am offering you a follow for follow on my pinterest account.  What that means is you follow me and I follow you and I know when I find some pins I like I will be saving them to my boards too..  We both win.. EXPOSURE..  that my friends is what we all need exposure so that we are seen.


Click the picture to my go to my Pinterest link..  Have fun my friends I will be looking for you..

P.S.  I found this wonderful group on Facebook too.




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