Just a day in the Park

Since I moved to Texas I have been blessed to live in the Glen Meadows Park Community.  Lots of friendly people live here and I look forward to my walks whether alone or with my dogs.  I look forward to meeting new people every time I go. Even if its a friendly hello or a wave of the hand..  Everyone seems to be pretty friendly here.

One of the highlights of Glen Meadows is there kid friendly park.

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Today I walked around the park trail. I try to walk at least three times a week.  The trail is half a mile long and I do my best right now until I get in shape to walk it twice.. one mile..  plus the 4 blocks to and from my house.  so it ends up being a pretty good work out for me.  When you get to be my age you have to keep it moving or lose it..  I have been sick this week with an ear ache so today was my first day getting back into walking.   It so good for your cardio and that’s why I do what I do.. I also use my sons workout bench to tone up my muscles.   At least twice a day (except when sick) I use his machine.

Watch my video.



Glen Meadows is located at: 5299 Parkcrest Dr, La Porte, TX 77571

Only verified residents of Glen Meadows gain full access to this private, Family Friendly, QuietSafe, Peaceful, Dog friendly. Neighbors, Pleasant Walking Park…

There are a few houses for sale in this neighborhood so come join us at Glen Meadows.  This one is just down the street from me.

Isn’t it a lovely home?

Our neighbor hood is so quite..  Come check us out.








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