Monat First Time User, What You Need to Know.

I wanted to address a subject that affects all first time users of Monat.   Like myself, I had no clue where to start when I had made the decision to try Monat. 

There are 6 systems to pick from and since I started they have added a lot of new products and have created different sets that you can pick from.  (One more thing I love about Monat, you can mix and match your sets for one low cost.)

So I want to just enlighten you all as to what I did when I first started my healthy hair journey.

First off I was lucky and collaborated with a seasoned Market Partner. What I mean by seasoned is that she had been in the business herself for over a year so she already had the knowledge of  the what, who’s, when’s and etc. of the business.  So that’s my first advice, make sure you are talking with somebody that is already seasoned or will get the answers to your questions from her/his sponsor, (another seasoned sponsor).  If you don’t know what to ask then the best thing to do is your homework, go to the website and educate yourself, after all you are investing in yourself and you want your money’s worth right.  We all have that friend that just started out in a new business and let’s face it you want to support her but yet you want the right product and if she doesn’t really know what is right for you, then you’re going to end up unhappy with the product and the results.  But don’t blame the person or the product.  Education is key with Monat.  

My next step was I discussed with her what my hair issues were.  One of the first things she did for me was she had me take the hair quiz.  ( you can take the quiz right now:

Once we went over my issues with my hair and what results I expected to get from using Monat we picked out what was best for my hair type,  which mine hair is very thin, unmanageable due to over processed hair, genetics, heat abuse through the years.  So we decided a more aggressive regimen was best for me.  I started out with the IRT system and each month I would purchase another product to enhance what I was already doing.  Like I added the masque, then the Rejuvenique oil and by then I was hooked and I become a Monat Market Partner and most of these products was in my product pack so I was all set and I was on fire so I was ready to go. 

It’s very important that you get the right product for your hair type. 

The next thing I did was I joined all the groups I could about Monat.  It Didn’t make any difference if it was with my direct upline or not.  My thing was learning all I could about Monat.  Not just for myself but so that I could help other women like myself.  Women aren’t the only ones that have concerns about their hair. Men do too.  This is something you won’t do overnight ladies.  It takes time.. How many years have you been abusing your hair?  

Then I created my own group. I intended it for only my downline but I had to broaden that because I wanted to help everyone… not just my downline.

That is where I share my tip’s about the products, testimonies, not just my own but others.  It is there to help you decide what is best for you and to show you there is help and light at the end of the tunnel.  So if you’re a member of my group. (it’s an opt in, I don’t just ad you, you have been asked to join and you are excepted or you wouldn’t be there) so please it’s for your own good to look and read and ask questions.  So many people just join to be joining (don’t want to hurt my feelings) please don’t join just because of that, I would much rather you really want to be there.  I have had some join because they want me to join their group.  It don’t work that way, I have to have a need to join.  I am not got going to join a group just for the sake of joining, I personally have to need your product.  (know the difference between a group and a page.)  I also have a page about the same products; each has its own purpose.  A group is more about training, just like this blog is about training, getting you involved and educating you.  The whole purpose of my blog is training, advice and answering question.  See help when you need it.  Never assume you know what you need.  Always ask first before you buy. 

So in my journey to healthy hair I have found myself wanting desperately to help others in the same situation as I have been in.  I am well into my journey and I want to help you too.  So if you have found value in this post, please share with your friends and we will be chatting again real soon on my next blog.


To learn more go to:  Elaine’s Monat