Do you Facebook Live? Do you want too but don’t have the nerve?


How many of you have done a Facebook live and what was your experience with it?  I remember when I did my first one..  my nerves were on over drive..  I was so scared.. I was shaking and stumbled on what I wanted to say.  But then I met a lady that was doing a challenge on facebook live’s and I took the challenge..  I thought I needed to learn from one of the best that I have saw and she was so confident on her lives so I thought why not try it. 

So each day for five days she gave us a subject and that’s what we spoke about .  I uploaded all my videos on to my youtube channel..   Here is one of them:

Here are a few things that the powers that be recommend. 

  1. Tell people ahead of time of your facebook live. (i have heard that both ways so do what works best for you)
  2. Plan and be a resource.  I personally make notes prior to my live and practice some.  The main thing is know what your talking about. Know your product or what ever it is that you are talking about that day. 
  3. Stay Longer. I think what they are say is it take a minute or two for people to get the notifications that you are going live.. ( that’s the reason they say to give a heads up ahead of time. makes since, right?)  Talk about something else before you actually start your subject.   
  4. Add a call to action: Ask people to drop a  like or a Hi to just say your here. Invite people to share..  You can get really creative and have a drawing for a prize for the person that shares the most and gets them to view the Live.   People love free stuff.   Say hi to everyone as they come in.   Be social.. after all this is a social network.

My biggest advice to you is this.. on my computer I have a webcam. I have practiced and practiced on it.  I pick my subject, review, review, review and then I start the cam..  I have been known to take up to ten times to get it right..  Once I like it I share it on Facebook. ( that was my way of doing a live)  LOL  I can laugh now at myself..   Then when I did the challenge by the fifth day I was like okay with practice I can do this. I had come a long ways from day one to day five.. I found it wasn’t all that hard and it was okay to mess up and laugh about it..  we are all just human and when we make mistakes and laugh it off people laugh with you.  but I also found out that people respect you more.  more than likely you are doing something they want too do and they love that you have the courage to do it.   You never know you may inspire one of your friends to do the same. so when  you see someone that is going live, stop in and say hi and give her or him some encouragement.   That goes a long ways.  

If you need some help with your first live or your even your next one get with me.. I will be happy to go live with you or support you and cheer you on..  

I don’t always do video’s on just my products that I sell.  Here is another one to see:  Banner ad video.

Mix things. Always remember to be yourself.. People love real..  so what if you mess up.. its okay.. we all do it. we don’t live in a perfect world. 

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