Shout out for the Day: Crawlspace Mold Cleaners and Construction 2

Today I would like to introduce you to a guy that has created his own business through dedication and hard work.   A truly giving to his community type person that you all will want to meet. Him and his wife a teamed up and created Crawlspace Mold Cleaners and Construction 2.  Kudo’s to them both for their dedication to the community of Kittrell, North Carolina .  This community is a tiny one of 471 people according to the last count in 2014.  I am sure everyone knows each other there.    Well Kittrell has a winner amongst them.  David Lane is the owner of Crawlspace Mold Cleaners and Construction 2 along with his wife Deanna Livingston-Lane. Together they are making a difference with their business in all the surrounding areas of Kittrell, North Carolina.

David welcomes you to call him if you need any kind of restoration done to your home. They are a Mold Remediation Small business that does excellent work. They specialize in Crawlspace’s  like under your home, but they offer other services.  Give them a call 919 412 1452.   They are on call 24-7. 

Follow them on facebook  at:  http://www.facebook/CrawlspaceMoldCleaners/.com

Some of his work is pictured here.

Before After



As you can see they do some amazing work for there community.  When you need some remodeling done or mold removed see David Lane.  He don’t mind getting down and dirty to help people everywhere.   That is his mission in life to be a serves to others at a reasonable price.