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I would like to introduce a new and upcoming business in the  Charlotte, North Carolina Area.  Patrick Johnson is the owner and operator and he is someone you will want to get to know.  Follow him on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/patrickenginejohnson


HomeBuyerCompany.com was built to help in buying, selling, renting, and restoring homes! The difference between Home Buyer Company, and anywhere else? We are NOT bias. We collaborate with elite companies across USA (and soon worldwide) to save you cash.

Company Overview

HomeBuyerCompany.com collaborates with the most elite talent to save you money on buying, selling, renting, and restoring homes.

We have a strong buyer network, and have secured exclusive deals from sellers, you’re more than welcome to jump in. Message us with whatever you want to do. Let’s say, you want access to hot deal properties, or you want to sell stuff to our buyers.

Either way, thanks for being a part of the adventure

   This is really big blogger’s  make sure you check out the site. 

Welcome to the HomeBuyerCompany.com official updates page!

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>> We save you $ on every part of the home buying process!
That’s the motto, goal, mission statement, etc.

1. Contractors spot killer deals on homes that need restoration, expired, and for sale by owners mainly, so we can pass them onto you! 🔥

2. Real estate agents connect home buyers with dream homes, without the massive markups! 🔥

3. Contractors upgrade the homes for less, and financing is available where needed. 🔥

4. Mortgage, insurance, and legal pros help everyone in pursuit,
for less than elsewhere. 🔥

5. Whatever stock we have left, we sell to our network of investors! 🔥
Message us to join this initiative to stop the bloated
Home buying market!

>> Apply as a company in our network to make CA$H with us:

💵 A. Home buyer wanting a KILLER deal.
💵 B. A contractor that wants extra ways to make money.
💵 C. An investor that sees value in “insider” property listings.
💵 D. A mortgage, tax, legal, insurance, and public adjuster.

AND.. Anyone else involved in buying, selling, fixing, and restoring homes!

Gogogo, and HELLO WORLD! 



Freebie from Patrick Johnson:

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